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Putting the fun back in mini-golf! For the last couple of decades, the focus of most leading North American miniature golf course manufacturers was on designing a miniature golf course with a friendly and attractive surrounding environment. This was a big step up from the days of slapping together some 2x4s and outdoor carpet…but somewhere along the way, they forgot about the fun on mini-golf…


Looking for a unique new course? An indoor course? Outdoor course? Portable course? FANTASY GOLF & SUPPLIES designs and builds tailor-made courses for your allotted space and budget. 
Already have an existing course? FANTASY can give your course the face-lift it's been looking for!
COURSE DESIGN- FANTASY courses are built specifically to your site. All designs are completed "free of charge" using AutoCAD for the most accurate layouts and electrical schematics. Each course is unique and challenging. 
ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE / THEMING - FANTASY  courses include a wide variety of props, obstacles, and facades that make the game what it is: fun and exciting. 
COURSE CONSTRUCTION- The FANTASY course starts with the grading of the ground and/ or the of the golf holes. For outdoor courses we then pour all the walkways and holes with concrete. Custom curbing is then installed allowing for the shape of the holes with contoured greens (where applicable). The next step is the construction of any landscaping such as planters, waterfalls, foliage, decorative rock, curbing etc. Then we secure all of the interactive props and arches for the course, the carpet is laid an you're ready for business!
ENTRYWAY- This is your gateway to success! Our entry ways demand attention!
CARPET- We fully carpet all the holes in the course with a high grade durable carpet. 
SAFETY- FANTASY's commitment to safety is taken very seriously. From lighting to layout, to ADA compliance, you can be assured your customers will be playing in a safe environment. 
DURABILITY- All materials used in fabrication of FANTASY props, arches, signs, counters, facades, curbing, flooring, carpet, etc. have been chosen with high durability in mind. We want your course to look as good in the fifth year of business as it did in the first. 
SCORECARDS- Bright and easy to ready. FANTASY scorecards allow players to track their game and compare scores. 
LOW STAFFING REQUIREMENTS- A FANTASY course can be staffed by just one individual, even at peak times! This allows you to keep your expenses down and your profits up!
COURSE SIZE- An ideal course size for an 18 hole setup can vary anywhere from 3,600 sq. ft. to 1/2 an acre! Most outdoor 18 hole courses are in the 4,000-6,000 sq. ft. range. A 9 hole course can start with as little as 1,800 sq. ft. 
INSTALLATION, TRAINING, AND SERVICE SUPPORT- Whether you are operating a stand alone location or are a larger entertainment center, we will show you step by step the best way to maximize your revenues and keep your overhead in check. 
FACTORY DIRECT PRICING- When you deal with FANTASY you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. As the manufacturer, we can offer you the best possible prices as there is no middle man involved. Buy direct and save!


Course designers forgot about designing challenging holes with obsticles to shoot around and through. They forgot about interaction where a player's actions could set off a variety of sounds and motion props. They forgot about themed courses and courses with story lines. These sorts of oversights left many owners scratching their heads when their revenue stream started to dry up.
This was partly how FANTASY GOLF & SUPPLY came to be. We learned early on in the entertainment and amusement industry that a themed attraction out performs a non-themed attraction every time! Miniature golf is no exception. 
In recent years several leading minature golf manufactures and independent course owners contacted out ART ATTACK theming division to assist them with developing an affordable and intresting themed props, signs, and facades for their minature golf courses through out North America. 
The response from course owners, course designers, players, staff, and everyone else involved in these projects were overwhelongly positive. We rapidly gained knowledge from the expereinces and coupled with our growning customer orders, we now offer a full service minature golf design and construction division for both indoor and outdoor course... FANTASY GOLF AND SUPPLIES!



“Your artist did AMAZING work!!!”

Justin Ripp Owner / Shenaniganz

Our RUSH Laser Tag Arena turned out GREAT! Thanks for all your help & quick turnaround.

Dave Pace YaYa's Island Fun Center

SHANKZ has been very good to us and the response from customers has been remarkable. We have had comments on how wonderful the artwork is throughout the course and within our party rooms.” 

Radha Alla Jungle Wonder

“Everyone loves the sculpture. The unique build and bronze-like appearance really captures the racing theme we are looking for. It has been a pleasure doing business with Art Attack and I hope we have many other oppurtunities throughout our park as we move forward with our campaign.”

Carmen Haakstad Owner/President of Operations

“I have come to trust the SHANKZ organization because of their complete follow through and continued support….The SHANKZ Course has been the driving force in helping all areas of our business succeed We are thankful for their guidance.”

Jim Nichols Oceans 18

“Thanks so much for getting our project done so quickly and on time!

Our client absolutely loved everything.  Thanks again!”

Craig Romanyshyn Cowan Imaging Group

“Our new ART ATTACK themed walls were more than we expected and we are very excited about the change(at both of our centers). The glow impact is huge and takes our centers to a new level for cosmic bowling. It has been a complete pleasure doing business with your company. Your artist was incredibly talented and extremely professional. Thanks for your help!”

Danielle Grant Chipper's Lanes