4 RHINOZ Ultra I LED ALL-IN-ONE-Light 277 Volts Starter Pack


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RHINOZ Ultra I All-In-One LED Light

  • Red/Blue/Green/White/Black Light This versatility will give you the ability to change light colors as desired with a flip of a switch.   No need for separate black lights and white lights. One fixture does it all!
  • True Black Light Wave Length giving you the true black light glow and effect that no other LED light can!  All LED Black lights sold today will fade UV paint and graphics over time. This True Black LED Light will not, so your glow details will glow brightly for years to come.
  • 5x times more efficient than regular Fluorescent Lights Saving you money on your electric bill every month! For an average Laser Tag Arena this can be savings around $2-$3K per year, every year, just in electricity in your Laser Tag area alone when compared to using fluorescent lights! Think about the savings for your entire center!
  • 3x times the coverage Using 2/3 less light fixtures you will have to purchase saving you thousands! The Electrician savings alone on this is measured in the thousands of dollars.
  • DMX Controllable You can program awesome light patterns to really bring your park to life!
  • Can be hard wired or plugged in – This will save with electrical installation costs!
  • Over 50,000 hour light life expectancy- No more buying and replacing bulbs!
  • up to 277 Volts

Professional Controller


  • (3) 25′ Cables
  • (1) 50′ Cable

Additional information

Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 17 in

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